Edward VIII Royal Cypher

It's on Holly House, the former dole office, now a nursery, on Holly Hill

Two pics so you don't make the same mistake as I did. I went looking for it and looked high up on the wall. There's a big cartoon bear carrying balloons and I assumed the royal cypher must be under it. I was wrong. I was told by local historian Marie that it's still on full view but way down below the fence line. Just so there's no doubt here's a little video showing its exact location

This is not a pretty building and is significant only by virtue of having the Edward VIII Royal Cypher, being one of only a handful of such buildings around the Country and Commonwealth. It is not a Listed Building (of National significance). However, I am delighted to say that it is on the Council's Local List which is a list of buildings, parks and gardens within the Borough, regarded by the Council as having special local architectural and/or historic interest. They are considered to be of significance to the local community and to contribute to the cultural heritage of the Borough.

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