Heritage Group

The Felling Heritage Group...bringing our history to life

emerged from a group which, in 2012, organised the 200th anniversary commemoration 
of The Felling 
mining disaster which killed 92 men and boys.
Chaired by ex Councillor David Napier the Group meets fortnightly and events have included

It should have said "The Felling"

     WW1 Commemoration

This is ongoing until 2018

Remembering Thomas Hepburn who died 150 years ago 

Developing a book on The Felling history. Much material is prepared but have not yet secured publishers

Putting on our annual Heritage exhibitions, and others on request

Working with, and at Beamish

Seeking to Redevelop Felling Square

Survey of Public Art in The Felling & elsewhere

Here's the video of the 2013 Heritage exhibition

The Felling Heritage Group 
at The Felling Community Centre on Thurs and Fri 28th/29th November 2013

Then and Now Displays, Pit Banners, Memorabilia, Artefacts, Maps. A continuous Slide Show of history photographs was put on by the Chairman of the Windy Nook History Society 
Folk put on some early 1900s clothes from Beamish Museum 


Your friends on Facebook will love the pictures you post of your new old look.

Lots of local history and news of the Group's forthcoming events on
The Felling Heritage Group Facebook Page

There are videos of other exhibitions and events 

It's your heritage. It's your local history. And it's in your favourite part of the World. Do try to make a point of visiting the next Exhibition...details on the Facebook page

The Felling

...the only town in the World with a 'The'

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