Welcome to the NewcastleGateshead page that brings you images of the new Gateshead riverside. One day I'll bring you images of Central Gateshead but for now Tesco is holding us to ransom

In 1831 The Marquis of Londonderry  said of Gateshead "It is a mere suburb, a long, dirty lane, leading to Newcastle - a most filthy spot, containing the vilest class of Society."  ( He objected to Gateshead being represented in Parliament.) He wants his ears boxed

Sage and Onion

Angel of the North

The Sage under construction

More views of NewcastleGateshead

In 'English Journey' J.B. Priestley said of 1934 Gateshead: "If there is any town of like size on the continent of Europe that can show a similar lack of civic dignity and all the evidence of an urban civilization, I should like to know its name and quality. No true civilization could have produced such a town, which is nothing better than a huge dingy dormitory".  Well, what say you now John Boynton?

Gateshead Was Always The Bridesmaid

Sage Angel Sage Angel Sag..Ang..