Newcastle United 1904-1905

J Q Mc Pherson (Trainer), G Urquart, W. McCracken, A Gardner, J Howie, A Aitken, A McCombie, J Rutherford, A Gosnell, ? J Bell
Frank G Watt, J Cameron (Chairman), T. Wills, G. Thompson, J Young, W. Appleyard, R. Orr, R. Templeton, J Tildsley, T. Ghee (As.Trainer)
J.Carr, S. Graham, P. Mc William, C. Veitch, J. Lawrence, C. Watts, A. Fraser, R. Benson, R. Crumley

Why this team on this website? No reason other than I have in my possession this original photo of The Toon when it won its first League Championship in 1905 and boasted among its players three of the greatest, who each achieved 3 League Championships, 1 FA Cup and several FA Cup runners-up medals, 

Goalkeeper: Jimmy Lawrence (1904-1922)
496 appearances 1 International Cap (Scotland)

Full Back: Bill McCracken(1904-23) 
432 appearances, 8 goals 30 International Caps (Rep of Ireland)

Centre Midfield: Colin Veitch (1899-1914)
321 appearances, 49 goals, 6 International Caps (England)
Captain of the team, he played in most positions and was a great tactician. An intellectual and a lover of the arts, he was involved in the creation of Newcastle People’s Theatre, and George Bernard Shaw was known to stay at his gaff. And he's got a plaque

J. Cameron, Chairman

J Q Mc Pherson, Trainer

Frank G Watt, Secretary

Bill Appleyard, Centre Forward, Top Goalscorer