Heworth Colliery WWI Memorial

Why the date 1919? The fighting finished with the Armistice in November 1918, but the war didn’t end officially until the Treaty of Versaille in 1919. So legally, we were at war until 1919 – some consider that all memorials should say this date.

This is a framed paper list of those Heworth Colliery employees who lost their lives in World War I. 
The names are at the bottom of the page

See below, the stone memorial

There are 120 names on this Roll of Honour. To read the names visit the North East War Memorials Project or see below

A photo of the stone memorial is on Norman Dunn's excellent website. Where is this memorial now? Surely this is not another casualty of callous demolition? There is another photo here

Adams, Joseph Pte.
Arnell, William L/C.
Ashcroft, James Pte.
Ashcroft, Thomas Pte.
Atkinson, J.E. Pte.
Barker, T.P. Pte.
Bell, James Pte.
Berry, James Pte.
Bickerdyke, R.T. Pte.
Blythman, W.C. Pte.
Bradley, Patrick  Pte.
Brannen, James Pte.
Brown, T.B. (A.B.)
Brown, Robert (A.B.)
Bruce, Thomas Pte.
Burn, Frank (A.B.)
Burnham, Edward Pte.
Carson, Robert Pte.
Carter, John Sergt.
Carter, John J.E. Pte.
Case, James L/C.
Clark, R.H.( A.B.)
Clough, Thomas A.Pte.
Coltman, Ernest( A.B.)
Crawford, William Pte.
Cuthbertson, Thos. Pte.
Dixon, F.A. Pte.
Dixon, M.B. Pte.
Dorman, Jas.C. Pte.
Eales, Frank Pte.
Elliott, Robert Pte.
Evans, Matthew Pte.
Evans, Wm.L. Pte.
Fleming, John (A.B.)
Fleming, Thos. Gunner
Foster, Robert Gunner
Freeman, Geo.E. Pte.
French, J.J. Pte.
Gaffney, Peter Corpl.
Gooding, James. Pte.
Gofton, RichardPte.
Graham, John T.Driver
Grainger, EdwardPte.
Greenhalf, M.Pte.
Greenwell, AlfredPte.
Gustard, HiltonPte.
Gustard, ThomasPte.
Guy, ThomasPte.
Hails, BenjaminCorpl.
Hall, ThomasStoker
Hall, RobertPte.
Heckels, HenryPte.
Hindmarsh, N.Pte.
Holmes, RobertPte.
Hopper, James W.(A.B.)
Hughes, W.E.(A.B.)
Humes, JohnPte.
Jewitt, J.G.Pte.
Keenam, ThomasPte.
Knight, ThomasPte.
Knights, Wm.E.(A.B.)
Laws, WilliamPte.
Liddle, JohnDriver
Long, J.Lieut.
Lunam, AdamPte.
Marshall, JosephSapper
Maughan, WilliamPte.
McGuire, JohnPte.
Milling, James A.Pte.
Mitchell, RobertSapper
Morrison, A.D.Pte.
Mortimer, AndrewPte.
Morton, R.Pte.
Mulligan, JohnPte.
Murphy, J.Sergt.
Musgrove, GeorgeDriver
Newsome, Samuel(A.B.)
O'Neil, F.Pte.
Potts, W,L/C.
Purdy, JamesPte.
Quinn, JamesPte.
Ritchie, EdwardPte.
Robinson, Jas.R.(A.B.)
Robinson, ThomasPte.
Rogan, MartinPte.
Ross, J.T.(A.B.)
Rowland, T.Driver
Saynor, Edward Gunner
Scott, B.S.(A.B.)
Short, J.R.L/C.
Simpson, William Pte.
Spoors, J.D.Pte.
Stephenson, Thomas Pte.
Stephenson, G.S. Smith
Story, John Gunner
Story, J.T.Sergt.
Stott, J.T.Pte.
Suggett, WilliamL/C.
Sutherland. JohnPte.
Taylor, WilliamPte.
Thompson, FredPte.
Thompson, GeorgePte.
Thompson T.Pte.
Tinkler, John(A.B.)
Tippett J.W.Pte.
Towers, WilliamPte.
Usher, J.S.Pte.
Wardle, GeorgePte.
Wardle, ThomasL/Sergt.
Wardle, WilliamPte.
Watchman, J.K.Pte.
Watson, F.F.(A.B.)
West, RobertSapper
Wilson, JohnLdg. Stoker
Wilson, J.R.Pte.
Wilkinson, JohnStoker
Winwood, JohnL/C.
Wood, AndrewPte.
Wood, GeorgePte.
Wood, ThomasPte.