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Welcome to the Gateshead Cultural Groups webpage which brings you details of the Progressive Players, The Caprians and other groups as they come to my attention

Gateshead is blessed with at least two organisations which are remarkable in having been founded by volunteers and survived, then prospered for 50 years plus due to the fortitude of several/many stalwarts.
The two groups I have in mind are the amateur dramatic group, The Progressive Players of the Little Theatre and the choir The Caprians

The people of Gateshead used Westfield Hall on Alexandra Road as a meeting place for cultural and political activites in the 1920's and 30's. There was a choir, a band, a socialist Sunday school and a dramatic club- so began the Gateshead ILP Dramatic Club which later became the Progressive Players.

Many shows were put on at Westfield Hall, however the premises were not ideal. In 1939 three of the founder members, the Misses Hope, Ruth and Sylvia Dodds, made available money to purchase a house and vacant land on which to build a theatre. This opened as The Little Theatre in 1943, considered to be the only theatre in Britain to be built during WWII

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For more details of their interesting history you are urged to visit their website and while you're at it, why not purchase tickets for their next production
Little Theatre

The Caprians were founded in 1953 by Alex Glasgow and other sixth formers at Gateshead Grammar School and they are still going strong today, having along the way given many major concerts

 and cut several records. For more on their history, click the link
The Caprians

Also more than 50 years old is the legendary football club that brags Gazza as a former player it is
Gateshead Redheugh Football Club

And yet another 50 years plus group, also involved in youngsters' footie and can brag Steve Stone as a former player is
Cleveland Hall

Not been around for as long but, based only on meypassing its ground on a regular basis, I am impressed at what seems to be a very dynamic group running youngster football teams. I'm referring to the
Leam Rangers

And this website is worth visiting if you're volunteer group seeking help

If there are more of you out there who believe you have something special let me know